The involvement of Chatzigavriilidi Group in renewable energy sources grew initially out of our awareness of environmental issues, and our desire to contribute in the local community. By investing in photovoltaic units, we were able to contribute significantly to energy savings, with a view to protecting the environment of our country, and of course to contribute to the financial support of the local community by creating new jobs.


The investment is located in Amisiana, Kavala. 
1450 panels produce 356687 KWh annually.

Our goal is the continuous growth of the investment by using renewable energy sources to the maximum possible extent, to cover our country’s ever-increasing electricity needs.


It has now been established that the energy sector bears the primary responsibility for environmental pollution, given that approximately 95% of air pollution caused by manufacturing, processing and using conventional fuels. Exploiting renewable energy sources enables significant reduction in pollutants released into the environment through the use of conventional energy sources.